What Grade is my child in? 

If your child turns 9 anytime this year that makes him/her 9th grade. If your child turns 10 anytime this year that makes him/her 10th grade. And so on... Simple!

Does my child need to be Graded? 

Children playing in 8th Grade and UNDER are NOT Graded. This is because they are playing in a highly organised in-house system where grading teams will offer no benefit to the children.

Children and youth teams 9th Grade and ABOVE are Graded (unless it is known that there will only be one team in a particular age group). Details of grading time and dates are published in the News section of this website; on our Facebook page and distributed via our Email newsletter.

Read more about Grading here: http://www.bmafc.co.nz/bmafc/grading-philosophy.html 

When does the season start?

Typically around late-March to early-April. Again, you can find updates in the News section of this website; on our Facebook page and distributed via our Email newsletter.

When does the season end?

Typically around August - September. The actual end date will vary depending on how many teams play in your division, and how many postponements (due to bad weather) you encounter throughout the season. 

Why is Registration so early?

There is a HUGE amount of that work goes into getting a new season off the ground for around 400 players, and all done by volunteers, all of whom have work and family commitments as well.

Clubs have a deadline with Auckland Football Federation where we must have our teams finalised and submitted to the regional governing body some weeks before kick off. 

On top of that, there is a high level of competition amongst Auckland clubs for the game's emerging talent. We must be operating on a par with other clubs if we want to continue our growth and development towards being one of our city's best football cubs. 

All of this conspires to push Registration back a few months from kick off. We ask you all for patience while we work hard behind the scenes to bring you another year of fantastic footy! 

What happens after I register my child?

The Registration website you've used is a service which we subscribe to, and is provided by Auckland Football. It's purpose is solely for collecting registrations. This website requires you to Log In in order to register. 

Your Log In information on the Registration website DOES NOT provide you with a Log In on our Club website. That is there for the benefit of our website Administrators; there is currently no private section for member information. However you can 

Our team of volunteers are busy organising gradings, finding coaches and managers where required, processing payments, chasing funding, organising teams, playing equipment, playing and training fields and other general business. All of this takes some work. 

For important information we try to regularly update the News section of this website; our Facebook page and distribute it via our Email newsletter. Please check our website and Facebook a few times a week for updates.  

Got a tournament you wish to enter?

BMAFC appreciates your initiative and enthusiasm for attending external tournaments and wishes to support your efforts.

All fundraising MUST be banked through the BMAFC accounts for transparency and financial accountability, so your first task is to contact the committee with full tournament details and fundraising goals so that an account can be set up for you.

The BMAFC committee would then welcome an application from you for funding towards tournament registration costs. Your application should include date of the tournament, relevant costs, details of fundraising events you plan to undertake and any other information you think relevant.

Don’t delay, contact us today! We are here to support you.

Games Against Waiheke

If your team has a match scheduled at Waiheke, please email the opposition club via the AFF website and they will arrange for your team to be picked up from the ferry terminal.

BMAFC will then reimburse your ferry costs for each player and ONE parent (additional supporters must pay their own fare), simply This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with full bank details for reimbursement.

If you do have any further questions please leave us a comment in the Comments section below.

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